Thursday, March 29, 2007

I need the make and licence of Dan Celvi's (DE guy) car!

Don't know if you saw the DE today with this idiot Dan Celvi's piece on graffiti. If someone will send me Dan's contact info, a few local business men would like to spray paint his car. Don't worry, it will be artistic Dan and we feel you will think it is art.

What a jerk.


Anonymous said...


I don't think that guy was serious.

Peter in Carbondale said...

There are lots of glorifications of graffiti out there. Since the taggers are only in it to feel special, this just creates more taggers.

If he wasn't serious, he should have done some research on it first.

I forgot that the taggers he glorified in this little piece have been arrested and will likely see jail time.

Anonymous said...

If you believe the writer was serious (and he very well could be), how could the editor allow such an article to be run? Freedom of speech is great, but suggesting that lawlessness "adds flavor to an area" is idiocy, at best.

Again, conditional on this article being a serious piece, what does this say about our student body?

sthorne said...

It was one of the dumber articles/letters I've read recently and I'm not talking just in the DE but in the press in general.

Anonymous said...

were you serious about wanting to tag his car?

Peter in Carbondale said...

Generally, if someone like me wants a piece of you, we do it via legal means. I don't like jail and want nothing to do with breaking the law.

I just wanted to point out this sort of thing is funnier when it is happening to someone else's property. Kind of like laughing, watching someone else fall down the stairs. You are so relieved it didn't happen to you, you just have to laugh.

If we tagged his car without his permission, we would be losers too right? But, if he really thinks that tagging is "art", then he should welcome the improvement to his car. I'm waiting for him to do a comment welcome our artist input. No car, we will help with your laptop.

This blog is for entertainment and a little education if I can manage that too. Let's leave the law breaking to some other idiot. :)

Bobthebuilder said...

Car: 1977 Ford Pinto
License Plate: F ART1

Peter in Carbondale said...

Thanks Bob -

I like how you can fill in the F part of F ART1 a couple of ways. I wish I had thought of it.