Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Does Sheila favor the Property Tax?

We know that Brad figured out Carbondale could afford to drop its property taxes while he was a city councilman. He drove it through the council and now has promised to not put it back on. Sheila is on the record saying that bring back the tax would require, "public meetings." I think that means that Sheila is in favor of the tax, if she can get away with it.

Why doesn't Sheila just take the position that the property tax is bad and she plans to live in the current budget? A promise is sure better then public meetings.

Your comments are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Funny, she says exactly that in her campaign document that you supposedly read -- that she will live within the means of the city. No where does she say she is in favor of the tax. Indeed, you won't find any public record of her saying that because she hasn't said so. This is, in fact, another Peter Gregory wholecloth-creation.

By the by, as long as we're talking about budgets -- how do you suppose Brad is going to pay for six new policemen? Its convenient that this will be discussed prior to the election, but that there is in fact no way to find money for it in the budget. Nice political move by the incumbent, but definitely lacking in substance.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain this issue please? Are you saying that the city has stopped collecting property taxes from homeowners?


Peter in Carbondale said...

About 5 years ago the City of Carbondale stopped collecting property taxes. Brad Cole figure out that the city could afford to do this and pushed it through before he was mayor.

There are lots of other government bodies still taxing you in Carbondale, the Park District, Public Library, and a few others still tax.

The city makes its money from sales taxes.

Peter in Carbondale said...

When you write that the city budget will be balanced or something like that, it is different then saying you will not raise taxes. If you raise taxes, you can still balance on a bigger revenue.

The reason I wrote this is because Sheila has told several people verbally, that she is willing to put a City of Carbondale property tax back in place. Sheila choose not to spell out a "no new tax" promise in her campaign document, because it is missing and she has talked about putting back in, we have to assume that she will/might do it.

I think there is a difference between Brad's promise not to have a property tax and balance the budget and Sheila promise to balance the budget.

As far as Brad's idea about additional police, clearly he knows far more about the city budget then I do. Everyone said you couldn't run the city without property tax, but Brad proved you could. Every storefront in Carbondale is full (more or less) and I'm sure sales tax receipts are up, maybe we can afford it? Have you called the Mayor and asked him?

Anyone else have anything to add?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous #1: Try pulling your head out of your arse and read a newspaper sometime.

This is from The Southern's archieve: "Carbondale's proposed budget 'lean'"
(ID: 15903944.qcd; Published: April 5, 2006; Section: News)

"...Reviewing the proposed budget during Tuesday night's meeting, City Councilwoman Sheila Simon was prompted to ask if it may be time to re-evaluate city's abatement of its property tax levy, which was enacted in 2002.

'It's not as if I am in a rush to reinstitute the property tax, but I do want to make sure we are being responsible,' Simon said."

Voice of reason, what do you have to say?

"...Mayor Brad Cole said the city bucked a statewide trend when it zeroed out its property tax levy four years ago. He said residents initially experienced an approximate 6 percent relief in their overall taxes, but other governmental bodies have now stepped up their financial demands."

WAIT! I think I hear Sheila composing a new song. How do those lyrics go?


That's what I thought.