Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dave has a thread with Brad's attackers on display - is there really nothing to it?

Lately Dave has been debunking claims over on his blog, check out Dave's comment (it is about 10th).

We keep hearing from anonymous commenter's on this blog and others, complaints about Brad Cole's misdeeds as mayor. The misdeeds are always unnamed and without shape or detail. The few that have details are quickly debunked as ridiculous or misunderstandings of the actual facts. We have heard about The Tap issues of course. I heard about the person who wants government assistance to fix up houses that are doing fine and other movements that can only be considered Carbondale specialty scams (you know, the government should pay for everything). All this anti-Brad hubbub, but no details. Where there are details, the whole thing falls apart like a house of cards.

I like a good story better then most people, but we aren't getting any stories. Just comments from anonymous people claiming something is going on, but having no details, not even a title. This is Carbondale, if there are details they aren't very hard to bring them to light.

Is it safe to assume that there is no real dirt out there and this is all a campaign of deception to keep people from looking at the accomplishments of the candidates?

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