Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lance does something on his own! A smoking law compromise proposed

After almost 4 years in office, Lance Jack has proposed a rule, idea or law. We all know that if the anti-smoking gang had wanted a compromise deal, the law would have sailed through. But, they don't, they want a ban. It doesn't matter anyway, because soon or later there will be a state law and that will be that. Here is the SI article from today's paper.

I have been wondering if Lance reads the documents the city manager prepares before the city council meetings? Maybe someone might ask him?

I wrote a little thing about Lance and if he should be reelected, but there was no discussion. I can't figure out if this matters to me one way or the other in that regard.

Anyone want to laud Lance or throw him under the bus?


Anonymous said...

Mary Pohlman had this proposal tagged the second he did it -- which workers *shouldn't* be protected? If you're for the smoking ban, this makes no sense. If you're against it, the proposal still makes little sense. This is a desperate move by Jack to right the campaign ship with two weeks left until election day. Too little, too late -- there are better choices out there.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I'm wondering, who is better then Lance? Haynes? Liz Lewin?

I like Mary Pohlman, but beyond that this group isn't inspiring me much.