Saturday, March 10, 2007

Should Lance Jack be reelected?

I was walking down Illinois Ave. on Thursday and ran into Lance Jack. He looked in fighting trim and we chatted about the election a little. I told him that I thought it was ironic that he had been on the city council for maybe the best 4 years in Carbondale's history and might not be reelected. I also told him that his separation from Harbaugh's hurt his story IMHO. We talked about what his campaign plans were and about the anti-smoking issues a little.

Maybe Lance's record of being on the city council for 4 great years is enough to warrant reelection? If we are interested in the economy of the town, he might be our best choice. I'm note sure what accomplishment or idea we can point to as his. But he has been part of an effective council.

What do you think? Ha Lance earned 4 more years of service or maybe someone else instead? Anyone have a comment about what Lance has done for better or worse as a council person?


nobody said...

Is anyone else reaching out to potential local businesspeople who are not already doing business?

Nothing personal, Peter, but you are proud of the fact that you are trying to develop businesses in Southern Illinois. i certainly hope you are successful.

Still, every time i read your blog regarding new business, it is a scathing critique. Is it fair to ask about accomplishments in this environment? It is almost part of the culture here: if you aren't already part of the gentry, you are knocked down and destroyed. Or, a man can join the Masons, Eagles, VFW, moose and all of the other fraternities.. or move away.

As for myself, i love this country. i'll stay even if it means watching credit for my dreams slip away in the rush of open-source software flows. The innovations will eventually be adopted by meganational corporations and gain the profits and capital that might otherwise have been raised locally.

Same thing for me either way.. i'm used to living poorly and fit right in around here..

Lance Jack has offered the most realistic encouragement that i have heard in this town in years.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I'm not sure I understand this comment, but nothing new there. Actually, Carbondale's service business are doing great. The problem is the original dollars coming into the economy are flat or even falling.

There isn't much to work with around here in the business development space, all these proud sole practitioners, no management skills, no management teams, no proprietary technology or processes, no business plan, no stomach for much of the pains of having shareholders, and so no money is ever invested. The people who form management teams and have a plan seem to be doing fine, First Southern Bank, School Center, EMC and a few others.

I'm glad you are used to living poorly and fit in? Sounds like you are adapting very well to the new reality of high tech?

Does this mean you are pro-Lance or against? Do you have anything to contribute in this area or is this just good spot to throw in a junk comment?

Anonymous said...