Friday, March 02, 2007

Three local races, two screwed up organizations

It is interesting when you look at the local races that are being contested. You have the Carbondale Park District and School District 95 that are completely screwed up, then you have the City of Carbondale that is doing well. Because of the primary race, we have been talking about the city. It might be more important to the city to talk about the other two.

If we were voting on results, we should return all incumbents to the city council and mayor's office, we should also vote out all incumbents from the school and park district boards.

There is a nice set of letters in the Carbondale Times this week from two of the challengers for park district seats. The good news is there is a slate of 3 people running together, Carmen Suarez, Scot Ollar and Jim Fralish. I'm going to vote for those three, unless I hear something between now and the election that teaches me differently. The Carbondale Park District is poorly run, has very expensive tastes in capital expenditures and doesn't give us enough from the tax payer money that they receive.

The District 95 school board is a pit of poor results. I was looking for a link to who is running, but couldn't find one. Why would you keep any of the current board members, if a reasonable candidate appeared in this race?

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Children with out voices said...

I have to give you credit for at least trying to be a educated voter. Nothing is worse then a person who doesn't vote then a person who doesn't know he is voting for.