Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Is Brad Carbondale's Vista Volunteer?

I think we can all agree that we like Vista Volunteers, after all they are taking a few years at low pay to help society. Shouldn't we just accept Brad is our Vista Volunteer? Shouldn't we be thanking him for working hard for a very small amount of money?

In no way do I think that Brad or Vista Volunteers are doing the work for nothing, the reward just isn't financial. Look at the experience he is getting, the things he is seeing, the contacts he is making. If you want to be in politics and your party is out of power temporarily, being Mayor of Carbondale is a reasonable place to sit.

I have a wild guess about Brad's net worth almost completed, there are a couple of details in there I bet few know. I'm on the move, so I will publish it when I get back in town and can update the comments fast enough (it is a lot more fun when the comments come up in real time).

In the meantime, try to figure out when it because underhanded to do more work then required, to get ahead in this world. Can you imagine how different the world be if everyone worked harder than the minimum?

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dave said...

I agree. I try to make the same point in my blog this morning: "Cole-alition hopes to spring forward". Considering all that he has done and plans to do. For the salary he gets, he's a real bargain for the City.