Friday, March 23, 2007

Nice DE story today about blogging in the local mayor's race

I enjoyed it at least, check out the DE's story on blogging. I enjoyed talking to Andrea Zimmermann, she was a good sport when I teased her about the Pepper Holder endorsement. After talking to Andrea, I kind of assumed I was going to get fried in this story. I thought it turned out something like the truth, which is the bar I try to jump.


Anonymous said...

Steve, I read the DE article and if people only read what's on the first page, it sounds a little like poor Sheila is getting bashed by some mean Cole supporters, but when you read on it says that Cole had a hand in removing all the unfair, nasty comments, if there were any.

That said, I hoped to use your blog to voice my support for Brad Cole for mayor of Carbondale, IL.

I personally like Sheila Simon, but when I think of her as mayor I see a photo that was in the DE not long ago of her playing banjo for her law students and I picture her in the mayor's office or city council meetings doing the same thing or equivalent thereof. I think Sheila is probably a better philosopher and teacher. I strongly doubt that she would be as effective as Brad Cole.

Before Brad Cole became mayor, Carbondale seemed to be decaying. Businesses were moving out and buildings were dilapidated. Since Brad Cole became mayor, Carbondale is a more beautiful place. The city functions better, newer businesses moved in, old rundown buildings were razed and new ones were built, even the streets were finally repaired.

I will be sad indeed if people vote for Sheila Simon simply because they like her or liked her dad or just want a recognizable name in the mayor's office. I've talked to Brad Cole when I've seen him around town. He's a nice guy. He's approachable and just a regular guy. But he's also great at his job as mayor.

Carbondale voters, please vote for Brad Cole for mayor so we can keep the city a great place to live and work.


Anonymous said...

I think Sheila is probably a better philosopher and teacher. I strongly doubt that she would be as effective as Brad Cole.

Then you ought to go to one of her coffees, or have one yourself because you would be disabused of this notion. I have yet to meet someone who has talked with her specifically about issues that doesn't come away impressed. Other than Peter, of course, who is just smarter than the rest of us.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I have talked to several, who have talked to her and aren't going to vote for her. The organization and pressure they apply over yard signs is impressive though.

Thanks for the thumbs up on my being smarter then the rest of you. Finally, validation for my ego. :)