Saturday, March 31, 2007

Follow up on Brad's weblink - the back story

I figured that if you were running a clean campaign, you would just call your opponent and tell them if there was a minor web link problem, but not Sheila Simon's campaign. In keeping with their practices of vandalism and dirty campaign tricks, Sheila's people called the DE's political reporter and generated a story. Of course, Andrea didn't give her sources, but you just have to ask two questions to know the answer. Their trick worked and earned them a story in the paper, so much for ethical campaigning.

I'll get into Sheila's dirty campaign tricks soon. The amazing thing is they send out email to their campaign workers and don't expect at least one of them to forward me a copy. Go figure, seems pretty naive doesn't it?

Of course, your comments are welcome.


nobody said...

i know some of Sheila's people; maybe it isn't them, just the Rovian campaign management...

Anonymous said...

What's dirty about it? Let's review:

Did they lie? No.

Did they silently run around registering voters based on a lie? No.

Did they take the issue and imply larger ethical missteps? No.

It was a violation of state ethics rules which, as a government employee, the mayor presumably knows. He got called on it and had to remove it. Is asking someone to follow the rules now "dirty campaigning"? If so, you're so far off base its not even funny.

And I've seen every email sent out by the Simon campaign too. I know exactly which one you're referring to as "dirty campaigning," but none of it comes close (even sniffs) the level of vitriol on the Facebook page managed by Brad and its all defensible by facts. If running on the fact is now "dirty campaigning", then you need to go re-watch what the Republican party did to Max Cleland in GA -- THAT is dirty campaigning.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I thought it was clear, that if you are running a nice ethical and friendly campaign, you don't call out the dogs on overlooked details.

The world changed and not all the weblinks changed with it. Normal and expected in the real world.

I think the comment that Sheila and the gang are running a Karl Rove-ish based campaign is on the mark. Ray Lenzi must be proud. :)