Friday, March 09, 2007

Will the Democrats be in power in Illinois in 4 years?

I am a Democrat, but I'm not an Illinois Democrat. Illinois Democrats are clearly crazy.

Let's take as an example this Southern article Blagojevich doesn't make strong statement on electric rate issue. It is very fair to argue that the Illinois Republicans passed the California/Enron style power laws and so it isn't the Democrats fault. But since the only reason that some relief isn't put in place is because Emil Jones can single handily take campaign contributions from the power companies. I think the Dem's own this problem now.

We all know that Illinois has major budget problems. You have a tax and spend governor who has promised not to raise taxes. What does hot Rod do? He proposes raising taxes on any business with over $1M in revenue. Does anyone know how easy it is to move your business out of state? I can have mine move inside a month, without great difficulties.

It sure looks like Rod has Illinois Governor disease and will be indited before too long over his hiring people based on campaign contributions. We all know, in his heart that he has done it, right?

A reasonable analysis seems to indicate that Rod's goal is to turn the city of Chicago into the state capital and pour the pork and state welfare into the city. The rest of the state can eat cake (third one down).

Since the Demo's only won Cook and Jackson county in the last Presidential race (granted Kerry was a weak candidate), can they hold the state in the next election? Since the Republicans ran an insider, who was associated with corruption in the last race, will they run someone who doesn't look dirty next time? Will it be better or worse for Southern Illinois if "the Pubs" do win the Governor's office next time?


Anonymous said...

In politics, it is very important to follow the money. I would wager that lawmakers, in the end, won't do anything about electric rates simply because they take campaign contributions from the utilities. After all, a politicians first goal is to get re-elected. And that takes money. Oh, they'll take a populist stance and talk about how evil the utilities are, looks good for the folks back home. But after all the bluster, no relief will be provided, but the politicians will continue to get contributions. The high-dollar boys will always control the agenda. Remember, follow the money. It is always the answer. And it is an answer that isn't confined to politics.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I agree it is follow the money, but no amount of campaign contributions will save you if the common man feels you are hurting their pocket book. I think the Dem's are looking at a large negative feedback loop because of their Governor's corruption and this power deal. Look for indictment right before the election as payback on the Ryan timing.

Not that Illinois is dirty or anything. ;0

Fraydog said...

I'd love to see a rejuvenated Illinois GOP, but I'm not going to count on it. The problem is that we have too many RINO's that are like the Illinois Democrats you mention.

If they stood up and became pro-commerce, pro-growth people they would have control.