Friday, March 16, 2007

Illinois Power is Enron like? Do tell

Illinois is an amazing state, they are just figuring out that the problems California had with Enron might be happening here too? Since Illinois did exactly what California did and now is entering the same kind of unregulated mess that California went through. Prices for power have spiked through the roof, far higher then costs.

When it happened in California, my power engineer brother-in-law called it years ahead of time. I could say "Enron" and it wasn't hard to see the risk here.

Now that people have gone without food and medicine to pay their bills, maybe it isn't too late to turn back the clock. Oh yeah, Emil Jones has decided to have lots of campaign contributions instead of doing the right thing. Maybe our form of government is broken?

Illinois, land of corruption, strikes again.


cynical prof said...

It's almost as bad as the collusion in the art world. Let's have a ten-year freeze on art prices!

Peter in Carbondale said...

It is interesting when the voters of Illinois get what they deserve isn't it? Should we feel sorry for people too lazy to not insulate their house? Stupid enough to put in all electric heat? Dense enough not to put on a sweater and sit under a blanket on a cold night? I guess I do feel sorry for some of them, but I have been on the fence. I guess I do feel sorry for them, but I had to think about it.

I think we will see criminal charges and convictions from the power companies, I don't think the artists are doing anything illegal yet. It is the breaking the law part that is the problem.

It is interesting when the almost anonymous posters are for the criminals and against the victims. Being against the Illinois' power market manipulation policy seems wise though.

Complicated issues, I'm a little torn and understand exactly where you are coming from. Thanks for writing in.

sthorne said...

I had some sympathy for the electric company until I heard it had encouraged people to go all electric by offering a discount without telling them it planned to eliminate the discount as soon as the regulated period ended.

Of course, our elected representatives are really at fault. They had plenty of advance warning about the end of regulation and chose to do nothing. Now they get outraged.