Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stupid Campaign Sign Tricks - Joe removes his signs

I was kind of hoping that city council candidate Joe Moore would have had secured rights to put his signs up right outside my polling place, but today those signs were gone. It is nice to see that he is learning how to campaign "Illinois style" in the political job he has fallen into.

Oh well, I was hoping for better.


Gary Walkup said...

Hoping that people secure permission to put up signs, and hoping that people won't vandalize the signs that are already up is kinda like hoping that people obey traffic control devices, the posted speed limits, and anti-littering laws.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I guess here in the Land of Corruption you can't expect ethics from our civic leaders. Too bad isn't it? I expect both performance and ethics myself.

It sure looks like Illinoisan's have given up on demanding their politicians do what is right. What does this say about the future of our state?

Thanks for the good comments lately Gary, always an interesting and reasoned view.

Anonymous said...

If your so concerned about ethics, then riddle me this -- how does Brad Cole, the full time mayor, live on $9,000 a year? Hmmmmmmmm.

When asked by Andrea Zimmerman to explain a certain $30,000 income on a recent tax return, he replied "I don't know. Business. I'm not talking about that."

But you don't really want to talk about ethics.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I'm not sure I really want to know all the personal business of the candidates. There is this great rumor about Sheila going around in the business community that I'm not planning to write about. Do you really want to know the underwear colors too?

Sounds like Brad has picked up some work on the side and doesn't want to deplete his savings. Why don't you call him and ask what he is up to? When reporters talk to me, I don't want all my personal business published in the paper. I might well talk to someone directly about the same topic.

Your expectations seem out of line with reality of living a happy life and being in office.

Anonymous said...

"I live down the street from former Carbondale Mayor Neil Dillard, a Republican. He has 2 Sheila Simon signs in his yard. WTFIUWT?"

Gary Walkup said...

HAH! "Riddle me this"? Holy hand grenades, Batman!

One of the reasons that more qualified people don't run for public office is that they don't wish to be under constant scrutiny from people like "Mr. Anonymous", who apparently doesn't like scrutiny either, or he/she would use their real name!

I'd imagine that Brad Cole DOESN"T live on $9,000 a year, and so the question is simply rhetorical.

Obviously Brad, like a lot of people all over the world, doesn't depend on his salary to make ends meet. That means he's fortunate. That DOESN'T necessarily mean he's a crook.

Doesn't everyone have a "plan B" of what they would do to occupy their time if they were to win the lottery?

If I was no longer dependent on a salary, I 'd probably not continue to work where I do. I'm a Scout leader and enjoy music theatre, and both the Scouts and the local theatre groups welcome volunteers and so I'd help out where I was able to.

We know that Brad Cole enjoys politics, why shouldn't he be allowed to "volunteer" his time to be a civic leader?

Incidentally, I'm not a big Brad Cole fan. I know both leading candidates for mayor and I live outside the city limits so I can't vote, anyway. Regardless, I support everyone's right to personal privacy.

Peter in Carbondale said...

As far as Neil Dillard supporting anyone but Brad. He was behind Maggie too. I didn't know that city elections were done with the parties involved. :)

The person really behind Sheila is Mrs. Dillard. Nice lady, friend of Paul Simon and his wife.

That is what is up with that.

Anonymous said...

You've talked to Neil Dillard about this then?

Peter in Carbondale said...

Nope, sure haven't talked to Neil. I'll ask him next time I see him though.