Sunday, February 18, 2007

I'm anti-smoking, who has told the restaurant management?

I was just driving home and heard a little of the mayor thing from Friday on WSIU. Was listening to the smoking ban question, but then pulled into the driveway and had to get on with life.

I'm for the smoking ban, though I know it could be handled by boycott (or the like). There would be a smoking law today, if bars were excluded from the ban. It turns out that 60% of the US population lives where there is a smoke free law, so the time is coming when this will happen everywhere.

Most restaurant owners would be happy to have no smoking, but don't want to lose business to the restaurants just outside of town. I don't think they will, but the smoke free forces sure did a poor job representing the economic upside to a ban. In California and NYC, they have seen increases in bar business after their statewide smoking ban.

My question for you faithful readers is have you gone and told the restaurant manager or owner about your wishes for a smoke free environment? Have you told them you will take your business elsewhere? If you are willing put the sign in your yard, shouldn't you be willing to talk or maybe write letters too?

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