Monday, February 19, 2007

OK, one more about the smoking ban or Sheila plays both sides.

Brad put forward a plan to give business owners economic incentive to ban smoking. Sheila voted against this plan. Was it the right thing to do or was she just playing politics? Maybe if you look at how effective the US Senate and Congress are, this kind of political game makes sense? ;)


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Anonymous said...

I personally hate smoking. If I owned a restaurant, it would be non-smoking. I don't feel that smokers have special rights because smoking clearly effects others, ie you can smell it, it gets on your cloths...

But I question that that GOV needs to be a part of this decision. We are supposed to live "in the land of the free" but GOV keeps telling removing our freedoms! The populace is slowly being micro-managed by the GOV. This is decision that should be left to the business owner! It's not something that should be regulated. If a business owner WANTS to own a smoke filled bar, LET HIM! If that's a bad idea then it'll drive away customers.

"give business owners economic incentive to ban smoking" .. now THAT'S a novel idea. Let the owners come around on their own. There is nothing wrong with GOV encouraging behavior but as FREE person living in a FREE society who is capable of making my own decisions, I don't want to be told what I have to do.

If we can ban smoking, what's to stop a law prohibiting cursing in public? Wouldn't that make a nicer world, too? Fuck. We can't have that.