Thursday, February 08, 2007

Interesting what you can learn reading the Bytelife blog - Carbondale goes green.

After my last post about how stupid it would be to put solar electric systems on city buildings, I read about something smart and green. Bob Pauls wrote about Carbondale Signs US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement over on the Bytelife blog.

My feeling is that the difference in results we can expect from Brad as Mayor or Sheila, Neil Dillard or Maggie as mayor can be found here. Sheila put forward a really optimistic plan to make Carbondale green, but it can't really work as she wrote it. Brad went out and researched what other people are doing and found a movement to join that had a smart and reasonable solution. It sure looks like Carbondale can go do things on the Climate Protection Agreement and I'm convinced it would be silly to do solar electric.

This is a good example of why Brad as been our best mayor in many years. It isn't wizzy, it is just hard work and clear thinking that works.

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