Thursday, February 15, 2007

Poshard's letter in the DE - Glenn that is management and not leadership.

Here is Poshard's rebuttal to the DE editorial, which looked a whole lot like my blog entry?

Here is the problem with what Poshard has written here, he is just managing. If we wanted to work his political magic behind the scenes, he should have said that he was working the issue. That he was going to do his best to have SIU's employee's backs. As a reference of how to do this see the ISU President's letter. Who would you rather work for?

We are down to one brave professor with backbone at SIU and all the rest have been bullied into signing a stupid document for a stupid reason. It isn't leadership to let bullies kick around the people that work for you.

It isn't leadership to only say you are working the issues after people call you on your inaction. It is just management and management is for congressmen, senator's daughters, SIU administrators and other people who can't change the world. In general, managers don't win, leaders win.

Someone needs to explain to me how working on this ethics test for 11 minutes is better then 10. You have to carefully read 60 pages and then answer questions. Shouldn't they flunk everyone who completed the test in less then 30 minutes? Illinois' state government is really a dumb.

Which would you prefer in the place you work (live or study), to win or to have management screw up and demoralize everyone? Give me a leadership and a chance to win, it isn't to much to ask.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me like the university bent over backwards to help everyone overcome the bad language created by the inspector general's office. That really solved the problem, as people signed a new form that said they had read and understood the material.
"One brave professor with backbone" is the only one who decided he was "offended." Isn't he a math professor? Isn't you dad a math professor? Come clean my man.

Anonymous said...

My boss should come to my defense from outside attacks and stand up for me so I can do my job. If there is a problem with the way I do my job, I should hear it from my supervisor. Not an outside group or a screaming faculty member in my office.

Peter in Carbondale said...

This analysis seems silly to me, sign this or be fired is enough of a threat to get almost everyone to duck and run.

I don't know what you mean about "offended" or whatever. You bet, a math professor and it isn't a secret that my Dad is a math professor. I certainly know Marvin Zeman, both my brother and sister had him for a class I think (they were good students though). He is a good man.

Did you read the letter text from the ISU president? I bet you have never seen a real leader before and you are confused? I have never seen a sign this piece of crap or be fired, as a present before.

Good try, but you just aren't on point.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think someone would be fired over this? C'mon. Peter I agree with you on many things, especially your take on the Carbondale mayoral race. However, when it comes to the issues affecting SIU, you are very predictable. Bottom line, to an outsider it appears that some faculty members at SIU are more concerned about their salary and their status than with working with and teaching students. To blame everything on managment, and praise the glorious faculty, is way out of line. Nothing is that cut and dried. Instead of trashing and blaming, real leaders move forward, put the past behind and offer solutions for positive change.

Peter in Carbondale said...

If you have been reading my blog for a while, I have written a whole series of articles about "the Lazy SIU Professors." Don't give me any crap about not understanding the issues of management. I'm simply better at this management stuff.

Everything is about management. SIU has the resources to fix their problems without hiring anyone or getting any more free money from the state. They need to do a better job of maximizing the resources they have. I'm talking about department chairmen who allow subpar candidates to be hired, deans who allow chairmen to retire in place and hire bad professors, all the way up to the top. Management at SIU sucks.

You should come over and work for me, I walk the walk.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not giving you "crap" about anything, just participating in the discussion. And BTW..."better at this mangement stuff." Better than who?

Perhaps you've hit on the problem here. Department chairmen and deans, chancellors and vice-chancellors all come from the ranks of professors, from academia.
They may well be experts in their fields, such as chemistry, education, music, art, or whatever. But I'm guessing they don't know squat about mangement. Would be it a good idea to bring in people from the business world to do the managing? People who are used to bringing in good people, getting rid of the bad and making the best use of available resources? Just a thought, not giving crap here.

Anonymous said...

re> "bring in people from the business world to do the managing"

-- YES!! Provide REAL mgt training to the deans & chairs... not overpriced "rah-rah" motivational speakers.