Monday, February 26, 2007

The DE drinks the Kool-aid - Pepper is their #1 Mayor pick.

The children that are running the Daily Egyptian editorial board clearly went out and did the green beer on Friday and lost their minds on the Carbondale Mayor primary. The amazing thing is that in a race with 4 candidates, they managed to pick the only candidate without the skills to run the city as their first choice. Had Sheila as their second pick, so they got one out of two.

Didn't any of you talk to Pepper before you decided to print this?

If this is the decision making you show the world, how can any reader take you seriously?


Anonymous said...

The DE is retarded. Do I have to back that up with documentation or was Monday's ridiculous editoral enough proof?

Anonymous said...

The DE may be retarded, but they're outworking the SI hands down on this race. If you want information on any of the candidates except Brad and Sheila, its the only decent source in town. The Carbondale Times would probably compete if they were anything more than a weekly, but...well, they're not.

Peter in Carbondale said...

It is true that "the Southern Illusion" isn't really covering this race, but it really isn't a race yet is it? Brad hasn't done anything, beyond having his signs destroyed by Sheila supporters, yet. We know that Brad and Sheila are going to collect about 95% of the votes today.

The DE's coverage has no depth yet on any real issues. Maybe if you can't remember what the town was like 4 years ago, or 10, you aren't qualified to cover the city? You can certainly only pick Pepper if you haven't done your homework.

After all, hasn't the economy always been this good? Only if you are clueless.

Saluki87 said...

Speaking of destroying signs, I noticed today that one of Brad's on E. Main (across from the new bank) had NOT spray painted on it in front of his Our Mayor words. Is that hapening a lot in town? Not very mature and it seems that tactic could backfire on the opposition.

This race is really interesting. Even is you disagree with Brad on things like the Tap, don't like him personally or because he's a republican in a democrat town, you have to give him credit for getting things done. The business climate is WAY better, he has helped turn blight into jobs (don't care if it's in auto parts, it's better than blight), and generally has things headed in the right direction with a good mix of public-private efforts.