Monday, February 26, 2007

Sheila says, she will stop the big boxes from competeing with the small local business?

She didn't really say there did she? I have seen it in the paper and now I hear she said it again yesterday. No one really thinks this is possible, do they?

To be clear, everyone is completing with everyone else. Tom's Place is competing with Mary's, that is completing with Quatro's, that is completing with Papa Aldo's, that is completing with cans of spaghetti in the grocery stores. You aren't going to stop Lowes, Staples, Walmart, Best Buy, Barnes and Noble and Krogers, from competing with the Coop, Shawnee Trails, B&L Photo, Rosetta News and True Value. That is the way the USA works.

Further, the citizens of the USA like the big box stores. They are generally well run, have lots of merchandise, and low prices. There is a reasonable argument that the low prices in the big boxes (and in particular Walmart's low pricing of Chinese made goods) are driving the efficiency of our whole economic system.

Could someone explain how Sheila plans to keep the big boxes from competing with the locally owned small businesses. If you can't explain it, we will have to put this down as another one of Sheila's silly ideas. IMHO, stopping a fair and open market can't be done legally and would be a bad idea if it could.


Anonymous said...

I was at her event yesterday and she said nothing of the sort. She didn't say that at either of the candidate forums either.

Since you weren't at either one, I'll assume someone told you that's what you said. Suffice it to say, you've been misinformed. There is still room to quibble with her position, but what you've attributed to her is inaccurate.

The quote is something along the lines of the following -- "We've done a good job attracting big box stores; we need to do a better job supporting locally owned business." She's never once suggested that we kick the Walmarts etc. out of town or that we protect local business from them. But we can encourage local owners to get into the competition and that's what she's been discussing.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I'm so glad someone who is following the campaign has shown up to help explain this. Now I have done little else in the last 5 years, but try to promote business in Southern Illinois and I'm very confused about how Sheila plans to do this great thing.

Why don't you explain her plan for helping small businesses for us? At the moment, her campaign document is very short of details.

Thanks for jumping in and helping us understand.

Fraydog said...

Are these comments proof of an establishment in Carbondale that wants Brad gone because he came in and did their jobs better than they did? I've seen it happen in Chester where the establishment in that town knocked out Joey Eggemeyer because he did more in four years than the last mayor did in 20. It seems to me we have a repeat of that case in Carbondale. Shame on that city if they don't reelect Brad.

Scott McClurg said...

Why don't you ask her? Its not like she isn't in the phone book and more than willing to discuss her positions with people.

And...the establishment is against Brad? Go look at his donor list and you'll see just off an observation you've made. It's publically available through the Illinois Board of Elections.

Peter in Carbondale said...

Interestingly enough, I have gone to lunch with both Brad and Sheila (with Tom Redmond tagging along). Talked with both in detail about their plans and ideas for Carbondale, and being Mayor. Asked them questions about economic development and heard their answers.

I have seen Sheila knowledge base about economic development and she really has none. She is a really nice person and has her father's hokey charisma.

Before I asked this question, I knew the answer. Sheila has no economic development plan beyond a few speaking points. Brad truly understands how a government and business might interact. He has clearly steered Carbondale into a better position and gotten great results in his four years in office. I'll write more about this before the election.

If Sheila had a clue about how to run the city, I would be supporting her. I'm a life long Democrat. I liked her father, like everyone else. She is the second best mayor candidate, even without a clue about business, we have had for many years. It is unfortunate that she is running against someone that really gets it and had done a really good job.

I don't support conservative candidates very often, but when you are talking about city level issues, political parties aren't going to help you. It is about execution.

Anonymous said...

"...when you are talking about city level issues, political parties aren't going to help you. It is about execution."