Friday, February 23, 2007

Green beer today - anyone want to weigh in on the Carbondale bars opening early?

I guess the students at SIU are going to copy U of I's tradition and do a drunken St. Paddy's day party today, because the normal date falls in spring break this year. Quotes in the DE from underaged drinkers planning to get drunk before classes, make me fear for my life as I drive to work.

I'm not sure what to think about Pinch Penny opening early to help this "movement" or how so many underaged drinkers are getting served. Like illegal drugs, underaged drinking by college students can't be stopped under current laws. If they can't do it at the bars, they will do it at home.

Interesting look at the state of the SIU students and their dreams, goals and aspirations isn't it? :)


Anonymous said...

I'm far more concerned with the sober drivers who truly believe that traffic-control devices (like stop lights) should only be obeyed if convenient.

Peter in Carbondale said...

Hi Gary -

I think that statistically you should be worried about drivers using cell phones and/or drinking while driving way more then people who abuse traffic-control devices. I almost go hit yesterday by someone blowing through a solid red light at W Main and Oakland.

There is a stat that I like about the first car into an intersection after it turns green is 250% (or something huge) more likely to be hit then every other car in that light sequence. Personally, I look and see traffic is stopped before I enter an intersection first.

Nate said...

The University of Illinois is currently fighting this issue on two fronts ...

The City:

and the University:

andy staff said...

I agree. there's nothing like a gaggle of drunken students wandering the streets of carbondale, during the day, especially after the rash of pedestrian related accidents. It constantly suprises me that the Daily Egyptian is rated best school paper in the state. They devoted way too much to this fake patty's day, and it is indeed a sad reminder of the priorities of SIU students.