Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bush vs. Obama

I have been of the opinion that "W" will go down as the worst foreign policy president in US history and depending on who write the history books maybe the worst president ever. I have thought that one of the unintended side effects of "Scrub's" policies was going the be the spread of nuclear weapons across the world, because it is the only way to be sure the US will not invade your country. The president of Russia just pointed this out the spread of nuclear weapons can be credited to "W" yesterday.

It is interesting to look at Bush 2 and realize he is a perfect candidate for about half of American voters. Country club raised with a silver spoon, rich because he is lucky, drug user (in his younger days), born again Christian, son of a major political player, educated at the best schools, war dodger and anti-intellectual. He represents the best and worst of the groups that make up the Republican party. Isn't it amazing we managed to elect an idiot like this to be our president, not once, but twice?

Now we see the Anti-Bush running for president, Barack Obama. From a mixed background of limited wealth, educated at the best schools, intellectual and super smart, inclusive and charismatic. Obama was incredibly lucky to be elected senator in the last election, when every opponent fell on their own sword. His wife seems smart too and not to be a huge liability (like John Kerry's wife, I wonder if he would have won if she wasn't such a negitive). What an American success story.

I don't know if Obama will win, but I'm for the self made man over the man made by his daddy (or granddaddy). I like smarts over family connections. Merit over political ties. Intelligent and reasonable plans over political sound bites. I'm not sure that Obama represents the perfect Democratic candidate for the constituency groups the way that Bush does for his, but maybe he can run on merit and ideas instead?

We can't be rid of Bush and the Bush family support team fast enough IMHO. Hopefully the next president will bring more reasonable plans and more for sight to the job.

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