Friday, May 11, 2007

A Solar Electric business model that makes sense?

I ran across this website for Citizenre, don't know if it for real or not. Their business model is to install solar panels on your roof and charge you nothing up front. Then charge you for the electricity generated and guarantee you electrical rates at today's prices for 25 years.

I haven't seen this before, but it seems like the best way for the average person to do solar electric.

Wonder if Bob Pauls has time to comment before moving?


dave said...

Aur Beck might have some thoughts to share, as well. Advanced Energy Solutions.

Aur said...

I really like the idea of renting/leasing a system if the people (the multi level marketers) selling the equipment were even slightly educated. Basically Citizen Re is signing up new salespeople left and right but doesn’t have a single supplier of product (not even raw material) or a single installer signed on yet.

Here is how industry insiders question the company's financial model on NPR .

Here is some more information
The Heated Debate Over Citizenre
Feb 15, 2007
The war of words has intensified in recent days over Citizenre, the new multi-level marketing business that promises to "revolutionize" the way Americans purchase their energy.
Citizenre: A House of Cards?
Feb 12, 2007
There has been a buzz in the air lately. It's the sound of U.S.-based Citizenre, a new multi-level marketing machine targeting solar power. Their plan? Build "the world's largest" solar cell and module manufacturing plant with the stated intention to install 100,000 residential systems annually. Their pitch? You can have solar electric power for the same price that you currently pay for electricity. Sign up now and they will do the installation in September as long as your state offers net metering.
Citizenre Introduces Home Solar PV Rental Program
Dec 7, 2006
Citizenre's new REnU 25-year fixed rate residential solar electric system rental program allows homeowners in 40 states to choose green energy while eliminating the large upfront investment costs and premiums over power purchased from electric utilities.
Special Report: A Look at Citizenre
Feb 15, 2007
In this week's program, Stephen Lacey examines the debate over Citizenre. The company's business model and claims have sparked a lot of controversy in the solar industry over the last couple of months, and we'll have a look at why the company has been exposed to so much criticism.
NPR: Solar-Energy Company Faces Skepticism
Mar 19, 2007

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