Sunday, May 13, 2007

Excellence - Saluki Swim team and lessons for SIU

Now that the children have left town for the summer, I thought it might be a good time to discuss the problems at SIU.

My oldest child has been on the Saluki Swim Team for all 6 years we have lived in Carbondale. The team is doing great and is running 100% full. I was talking to Bill Price (the head coach) about how they do it. Bill says that the team really picked up, once he upped the requirements. My observations about Bill's program is if you don't show up, you get cut or have your club status demoted. You can only get on the team, at one of three workouts each year and are placed in the right group for you skill level. There is no entry in the program at mid-season. The coaching is careful and scientific. A local success story, that we just don't hear about. Imagine, by raising requirements and expectations, you get more swimmers and better results!

I'm sure that many of us feel that SIUC needs to apply this lesson and raise the requirements at the university. I have written about Math entry exams, students not taking notes, rewarding professors for giving away grades in the past, would reversing these kinds of problems turn SIU's enrollment problems around?

Why are we are all so accepting of SIU's mediocre results? Is it possible to change the results for the better, if Poshard were to get on board? Should this be the focus of the search for a new chancellor? I know many professors are dying to have standards go up, what is stopping you?

Your comments are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of swimming,and excellence,anyone remember Ed Shea, Ralph Casey, Ray Essick, and Bob Steele? Amongst these names are a Saluki legacy that resulted in World Records and National and International Champions. There was a time when SIU was synonamous with excellence, high standards, and great achievement. These teacher-coaches students have followed the example set by the above mentioned SIU former faculty in examples too numerous to mention.