Monday, May 14, 2007

Dave promised to quit, but he didn't

Dave promised to quit blogging, but he seem to have more to say over at the New Carbondale Dispatch. Check out Dave's fight to revitalize "The Levy" area and open a Gray Hound station.

Very soon, Dave will be the only blogger left in town. That can't be can it. Dave will be the only one, who anyone has heard of, who is commenting about Carbondale? That seem unlikely too. Well, he will be the only one with a blog and bus station at the same time.


sthorne said...

C'mon, Dave's promised to quit at least once before.

The Beer Philosopher said...

Hmmm ... perhaps if I were more interested in talking about Carbondale than I am about good beer, I'd be another.

Carbondale vs. Beer ... ...

I'm sticking with the beer. In Carbondale.