Thursday, May 17, 2007

Career Guidance for This Century

I was reading Guy Kawasaki's blog and came across this Career Guidance advice from Penelope Trunk.

Question 7 if the SIU special. Don't go to graduate school, go get a job. I also like question 10 (like Guy), the first job doesn't count.

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Another Gregorian said...

Gotta throw in here...GREAT article from Penelope Trunk. I have given most of the same advice to my 25 year old daughter who gaduated from SIU (Speech Communications, whatever that is). She worked for me for a while after graduating, then moved to CHicago to work for Career and moved back after not making enough sales tele-calls each day. Worked for me again for 6 months then moved back to Chi again to work for a small private realestate developer. I'm staying tuned.

Hey, I thought you were moving to Portland or somewhere up-country. Their gain will be C'dale's loss.

Have you tried any of those new Hefty "Big Bags"...the giant ones with the slider on top? We make 'em here in C'Dale so buy lots and preserve C'Dale jobs. And move those Zip Lock pieces of poop to the back of the shelf.

Great bolg, PG. Stay in touch with the rest of us who will still be tying to carve out a piece of the dream here in Humid Town after you have skipped town.