Saturday, May 19, 2007

Big Party on tonight! Good neighbor giving notice?

I like this flier that was left in the mailboxes of all the houses for several blocks around the party house. They couldn't get a sound permit, so they are just doing it anyway! Great thinking, being "respectful" and letting the "neighborhood know."

Anyone think the band will be a string quartet and not a rock band? How many minutes after the band cuts in, will it take for the police to shut it down? I'm betting less than 20. How about you? Once you don't get the sound permit, doesn't that tell you something about how welcome you will be?

Anyone going to the party? Sounds like fun, but not for the neighbors for several surrounding blocks.


Anonymous said...

You are a sad little man.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I'm actually amazingly happy and almost always cheerful. I'm not sure I make little either (in size or intelligence), but maybe you are talking about karma?

You don't think this announcement was funny? It is so ironic, on so many levels.

Kyle Raccio said...

Why is it sad to expect quiet when you go to bed during the night? Whoever did this makes me laugh because they pretty much just gave themselves away, if they were breaking any ordinances.

I am in the process of moving because where I lived, there was pretty much a party every night. Those of us that choose to get an education vs. get wasted every night need a quiet place to stay.

I am not one to call the police every time I hear a peep, but show some common sense. If you want to listen to your music, fine, but have you heard of headphones?

Peter, you were talking earlier about the declining enrollment in SIUC. Do you think that the "party school" label is contributing to this? I think it's definitely contributing to at the very least the massive gender gap.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I think the combination of lack of excellence, deserved reputation for poor job placement, rural location and run down campus are the main factors for enrollment decline.

Two smart people have told me in the last week that the Morris Library remodel is the number 1 reason enrollment is down so much and the big library is obsolete so it is the wrong thing to do anyway.

The gender gap seems to be based on the impression by visitors, that the Student Center is the home of a huge number of loud, rude, black men from the ghetto. I have heard it quite a few times that people don't want their daughters to go to SIUC, based on this impression. The Student Center has moved to solve this problem, I never saw it, but sounds like it went on for years. First impressions and letting the Student Center get out of control was very damaging to the university.

SIU was really a party school in the old days, I don't think that has anything to do with it.

The marketing story for SIU used to be Lowest Price, Good Education. There is no marketing story now. Poor marketing execution is my number 1 reason for enrollment drop, I wrote about this in detail last Fall.

BTW - the flier comes from the heart of the Northwest all residential neighborhood. I can't hear the music from inside my house, but it isn't far away.

Kyle Raccio said...

Well, here's an area where we definitely agree. I don't go in the student center when it's dark out, I don't know what goes on there but from the looks of things it's very shady. Even in the day time, the rude folks are there making a noisy scene. Hint: McDonald's.

I don't know how they are looking to solve the problems. No one should feel unsafe on campus.

sthorne said...

I live in that area and didn't get a notice/invite. I feel slighted and will probably need counseling to overcome this blow to my self esteem. Either that or a pizza.