Monday, May 07, 2007

Carbondale cleanup this week.

The Arbor District is raising the flag to cleanup Carbondale this week, to make a good impression for the coming SIU graduation. Here is the quote from the email I received
Next Friday and Saturday, May 11 and 12, Carbondale will have an influx of several thousand people for SIUC’s graduation. Let’s make sure Carbondale looks its best. The Arbor District Neighborhood Association will clean from Walnut and Main between Oakland and University; Poplar and Oakland between Main and Mill and University between Main and Mill on Wednesday and Thursday.

We encourage all residents and businesses including landlords to spruce up around their properties. Let’s make Carbondale look its best!
There was a little piece about this on the front page of the SI today too.

I went and bought at power hedge trimer today and I'm working over the bushes on my properties to do my part.

Join us for a little cleanup, it is kind of fun.

Anyone have an idea of how to do a better job on the cleanup or want to tell us about their efforts?

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