Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kyle Raccio and Anonymous have been called as liars

One of the problems with having a blog or commenting under your real name is that when you are wrong or lying, people can call you on it. In the last couple of days, I received some comments that are worth pulling out and shining a light on.

From my pointer to Dave's Date the Mayor work, I received this comment from the Democratic religious zealot, Kyle Raccio,
You have to admit buying beers for underage women isn't very mayorly. Nor is it legal.
Last night another comment came in from a different anonymous source
1) I've occasionally heard the comment "anonymous" describes. Wanting to secure facts, I often ask, "Have you seen it? Have you actually witnessed it?" The usual reply goes something like this, "well, no...but a friend said that..."


2) In what way is it wrong for a 35 year old, single guy to go to a bar on his time-off? You know, I've actually witnessed other members of his own species practicing the same behavior. Some of them have even been older than 35! Can you believe that?! How dare they? It turns out it's a common thing among them.
This rings true to me. I have gone and looked for the source of this rumor myself and I can't find anyone who is even one generation removed from it (a person who has talked to a person who actually saw it). I have concluded that Brad's buying drinks for underaged women is an urban legend and nothing more.

Since Kyle does know or should know that this underaged drinking thing, is just a campaign to slander a public figure, I'm going to go on record and call Kyle a liar. I have already called him a fool several times, so make it a liar and a fool.

It is time for Kyle and Anonymous to go back to their caves and reemerge with a positive mindset. The mayor's race is over, and the voters have clearly spoken. Even a year of campaigning, a famous man's political heir, hundreds of lies, pounding on ever door in town multiple times, thousands of street signs, dirty tricks and back bitting, doesn't change the fundamental truths of Carbondale's performance in the last 4 years. There is nothing new here, just another of Sheila's supporters pedaling lies and rumors, instead of trying to improve the city.

Good bye Kyle, I hope you grow up someday.

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Anonymous said...

Kyle Raccio is now back on Twitter and posing as a Republican.


He seemed fishy when I tweeted him. Did a Google search and found he donated to Hilary and his endorsing of liberal books at Amazon.