Thursday, July 12, 2007

A few thoughts

Kyle responded to the last post, he says he heard from a guy, that a girl heard from another girl, that if you voted for Brad, that maybe there were free drinks at the victory party. The fellow Kyle was talking to assumed that meant there would be underaged drinking. Kyle didn't follow up and find out what really happened. Kyle is also claiming that he only started this rumor after election night, but I have was hearing it for months. Kyle has written the rumor into the comments to this blog, at least twice before the election was held. So Kyle is lying and/or stupid (I guess if he doesn't know he is lying, he is stupid?). Tracing it back to the source isn't hard, the finger points to "Mr. Dirty Tricks" himself, Tom Redmond. Kyle, you are an idiot, but maybe you will grow out of it? Tom, if this is true, you really need to get a life. Try working a compaign on merit, instead of Nixon dirty tricks. The citizens of Carbondale are pretty smart, even if they are pretty lazy, and are hard to fool with BS.

The new College of Education dean was hired, his key work is "Schooling for Good Rebels: Socialist Education for Children in the United States." Good grief, he did a book on the education for 10,000 students between 1900 and 1920? The short description doesn't say, did it work? Did the students go on and do something with their lives? Lots of pithy thoughts, but I hope the new Dean can find the backbone to raise standards to a reasonable level in the college. The days of handing out degrees (in particular graduate degrees) like their are 6 packs of beer, should be ended.

My daughter just completed her freshman year of high school. She has been home schooled and played in the CCHS Band in Fall (made all District, but freshmen can't make all state band). She received her first recruiting information from U of I today. We can assume that SIU will never, never send her anything, can't we? Lots of work to do for SIU, I wonder if they will ever get it right?

I'm packing my shop on to pallets and getting ready to move. Ironically, I was called for jury duty on the days we are moving. I have a couple of goodbye things in me, so expect a couple more items here in the next 10 or 14 days.

Hope you are having a great Summer.

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