Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big SI news? More Illinois corruption

Anyone else think it is interesting when you start to look at the big news in Illinois this summer and it is all based on corruption in the state government. Electrical rates, budget, selling the lottery, big subsidies for Chicago mass transit, anti-smoking laws not being signed (to give the casinos a chance to buy some votes), etc, etc.

Here is Southern Illinois, our big news is the new baseball team in Marion. Of course, that deal is all about political payoffs, state paybacks to campaign contributors, and honest business people having to complete with a state backed competitor. If you take a step back, it should turn your stomach.

I have heard the rationalization, we got ours, they do stuff like this in Chicago all the time, and I don't think about it. But in the end, when you support the Miner's, you are giving your approval to a fellow who gave $1M+ to the Gov. and other Dems. in campaign funds. The money is from tort lawsuits from the Metro East area, then funneled in to campaign funds, then given back with interest in grants. Without the campaign contributions, it would just be lucky pork barrel, but I guess no one gets that lucky.

Illinois, the "Land of Corruption" strikes again. Another day, another dirty deal. The next day, the people of Illinois just forget or realize that this level of dirt is normal here.

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