Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SIU's future just got brighter? DE goes around the bend

I was going to write a little something, but had to make fun of Kyle and Joel first. Came across this editorial in the DE and had to comment. Athletic Directors don't make the sun come out at a university, they are more like a cherry on a milk shake (you still have a milk shake if the cherry isn't very good). Who cares if Mario stays or goes? He is a nice guy, he maybe good at his job, but we will not know that for 10 years, but he has very little to do with anything going on at SIU right now.

I know compared to approval of $14M more for Morris Library, this is good news, says the DE, "although the BOT has approved the new budget, the University has not found a source for the money." I liked their "There is a light at the end of Morris tunnel," passage too. I guess, approving money, you already spent, but don't have, is now light at the end of the tunnel?

I get the idea that when the BOT meets, the circus is back in town. The DE editorial staff seems to be the kids in the front row, believing the clown's magic tricks.

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