Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Underaged students scheming to get beer - News flash!

Fresh off the presses, it appears that some underaged students from SIU are planning to go to a bar and try to get beer! Apparently, they found out there was a party and they think that they can crash it and get a beer without being carded. The reason this is worth of note, this is the first time that underaged SIU students have ever tried to be served in a Carbondale bar. Informed sources say that the party organizers will be publicly chastised, if the bar allows underaged drinking (or even if they don't).

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Jonathan said...

Ah, but how about the first time underage drinking is posted on YouTube?! Come on, Salukis, you can call it "muckraking investigation." LOL. Get some journalism majors to go "undercover" and voila!