Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Beer Philosopher goes ecommerce

Our buddy Shawn the Beer Philosopher has opened an ecommerce site based on his "lovin the beer" blog. I don't drink, but I hear that the Beer Philosopher is in the forefront of beer based volunteerism and quality control, from people in the know.

Check out his items and see if there is something you really need for a loved one or yourself. Here is an example of a must have item, for those of you who can identify the head on the shirt. I thought it was Paul Allen at first, but realized it was someone else.

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The Beer Philosopher said...

Hey Peter, thanks for the mention. You know, this is just one small step toward my evil plan to bring quality craft beer to Carbondale.

Start with the shirt (or hat, mug, bumper sticker, etc.)and then move on to the microbrewery ...

Thanks Again!