Sunday, June 03, 2007

GOP support for Cole draws criticism? Those staffers were smart

I got a kick out of Caleb Hale's piece on the front page of today's SI. He listed the people that staffed Brad's office as Jayme Siemer from the Illinois State GOP and Paul Sorenson, who took leave from Dennis Hastert's office to come work for Brad. I don't know if you had a chance to talk with them, but the two GOP staffers were really smart. It was impressive, how good they seemed.

The article goes on and says that Brad got support and no one else did in the local races in April. Two ideas to consider, if the Dem's had succeeded in running a sub-par candidate and supporting them with their statewide officials (as they tried to do for Sheila), wouldn't that become their strategy in key local races? Seems like a good thing for the Pubs to stop early, if they could. Second, is this a statement about how much work Brad does outside of Carbondale for the GOP, more then any other factor? If you do a lot of work for an organization, shouldn't you expect the support of that organization, when you need it?

I really liked the headline too, "fellow Republican" who works for a "think tank" that criticizes Republicans for a living? Important to know what side that Bunny Bread is buttered on, before you decide what an article means.

Isn't it great that Carbondale is important enough to attract statewide interests in our elections? Maybe not?


Anonymous said...

I suppose that if the Republicans hadn't gotten involved in the election and Cole had lost, this guy would be ripping the party. Saying things like, "The Democrats were pouring resources into the race, where was the GOP?" "Why didn't they back Cole?"

Kyle Raccio said...

It's because they want Brad to run for something else. What are your thoughts on where they want him to move up to?

Peter, as a general hypothetical, if Brad decides to seek higher office in the middle of his term, what would you think of that?

Peter in Carbondale said...

Kyle, you make things so simple, but you are so often wrong, when you do it.

As a general hypothetical, how do you feel about Hilary and Obama running for President, in the middle of their Senate terms? How do you feel about Greg Oden leaving Ohio State for the NBA? Oops, another stupid question, isn't it?