Friday, June 15, 2007

Big Date happens in the Marry the Mayor contest

Check out Dave's blog for all the action.


Kyle Raccio said...

Of course the media won't report the Mayor's unprofessional activities. What about the pictures of him at the bars? He's not all sweet then.

Peter in Carbondale said...

Do you think we are in NYC? The press here doesn't show anyone in a bad light, if they can help it.

As usual Kyle, you are on the special wave length. If you want to have people agree with you, you need to see things in the context of the real world. Are you claiming that anyone is nice all the time? How about Hilary and Obama?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll let us know when Cole finds the woman of his dreams, won't you Peter?

Seems odd that a man who spends so much time at the bars buying beers for underage women would have so much trouble getting dates that he has to have a contest on the Web to find a woman.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I thought it was kind of fun.

Feel free to not read this blog, if you don't like it. I will not miss you.

Kyle Raccio said...

Peter, why did you take what that person said so personally? It was a shot at Brad, not at you. You have to admit buying beers for underage women isn't very mayorly. Nor is it legal.

I don't know how anybody can support that.

avidblogreader said...

Food for thought:

1) I've occasionally heard the comment "anonymous" describes. Wanting to secure facts, I often ask, "Have you seen it? Have you actually witnessed it?" The usual reply goes something like this, "well, no...but a friend said that..."


2) In what way is it wrong for a 35 year old, single guy to go to a bar on his time-off? You know, I've actually witnessed other members of his own species practicing the same behavior. Some of them have even been older than 35! Can you believe that?! How dare they? It turns out it's a common thing among them.

Chris Lee said...

I thought you could buy underage girls drinks if it was consensual. I guess I heard wrong. oops. We can just erase the 90's right? Cause I would be in trouble.