Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I like this article about VC's running startups.

I learned a lot about how to start a company by reading the San Jose Mercury News in the mid-80's. Here is the kind of article that helped me soak up what it was all about.


Jonathan Bean said...

If there is any word of advice you gave my business history students, one that I repeat to them often is "learn your business." That means read, read and keep on reading. Find the best sources, soak in them regularly, and leave the rest. I had no business degree, not a single business course actually, but I got banking and finance jobs because I was self-taught. Imagine reading textbooks on finance, econ, accounting for no college credit. Then moving on to lighter, more useful reading -- everything from Peter Drucker (remember him?) to whatever everyone was reading in the '80s (_In Search of Excellence_ comes to mind). Some of it didn't pass the test of time but at the very least you knew what the other guy was reading.

I can't prove to anyone that there is "Life after Life" but the bestselling book by that title -- about near-death experiences -- reported that people who "came back" emphasized the two most important things in life: Love and Learning. Never stop doing both. (People even reading and learning in heaven! That would be hell for some students!)

Anonymous said...

That's a good article. I read a lot of publications and news items about the Bay Area VC and start up community. My brother-in-law is part of it and loves it. What a terrific culture for an enterpreneurial-type to be involved in! No matter where you live or do business you can lear a lot from their experiences.