Sunday, December 17, 2006

Can you change the world with a blog? Bono at the prayer breakfast.

I was at one of the kid's swim meet and caught this on CSpan right after the fact (I have linked to this before if you are a longtime reader). I have seen Bono (of U2) trying to change the world for many years and in particular trying to help on the pressing issues in Africa. For many years I have wondered how he does it, the guy is effective (Time Person of the year for example) and getting things done. If you haven't seen this man speak, you should. Go to and search for him, listen to his rap in the U2 concerts. What a great speaker, what a great writer.

As a failed angel investor and economic developer in Southern Illinois, I was still looking to make things better. Just a few months ago I started to write this blog about the conditions here in Southern Illinois, just to make a difference. I figure if I can write as well as Bono gives this speech, then I can change things for the better.

My goals are often bigger then my skill set and I often fail, but that is OK with me. I have to wonder who is going to push themselves to write about improving Southern Illinois when I'm gone? I'm not talking about reporting the news, but instead figuring out what the news means. Looking at SIU and asking for more. There is a chance that my successors will fail worse than I have, but maybe they can make a difference. I wonder who will take the journey, who really has the freedom to take a few arrows and laugh at the little people trying to drag them back to mediocrity?

It has surprised me to have lots of people reading this blog and telling me that I can really write. When I started, I wasn't at all sure that this was true. I was sure I could really think, but not as sure about my ability to write. I'm going to go on and write more somewhere else, about something else very soon. But this has been a satisfying place to start and my results have been more then I ever guessed they could be.

I wonder if I will ever write with the power of Bono's speech? Seems like a worthwhile goal doesn't it?

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