Friday, December 29, 2006

Caleb Hale gives us the current SIU story today in the Southern Illinoisian.

You know, it looks like Caleb Hale gets it. In his column today he lists out the current status of what seems to be happening at SIU and even mentions this blog.

I wrote about the best and worst SIU administrators a while back and published a list of administrators who should be fired. As the end of year approaches, it is clearly time to update that list (Ricky should be worried, I think the award that he was front runner for is heading to the Stone Center).

Nice work Caleb and good reading.


sthorne said...

Seems to be a glitch in the blog. when I click on the title to go to the homepage, the link takes me to the Dec 26 post. It was only due to the aggregator at ShawneeNet that I knew there were any new posts. And congrats on finding out that other people read you besides me, Prof. Bean and Dave.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I suspect the problem is your browser has cached the page and you need to hit refresh to see the new one. Kind of a common problem in the blogger world.

I'm not to worried about my readership, I can't go very far out in public without someone telling me they are reading the blog. Interesting that no one has ever told me I have it wrong in person, I thought I would be taken to task before now. :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Caleb should have his own blog. Too bad The Southern is too cheap to pay him for the time it would take. What about it, Dennis?