Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My goodness another new Pizza Place in Carbondale?

I saw there was new construction next to Family Video and wondered what it was about. Turns out there is an empty bay and there is a "Little Caeser's Pizza" going in there. Make no mistake, Little Caeser's has the worst pizza going (I have never eaten it without that MSG feeling after), but it is cheap.

If I was going to rank pizza places in Carbondale, I would rank them this way -

Quatro's and Pag's - the cream of the crop for the last 25 years or more. I like Quatro's better myself.
Pizza Hut
Store bought and cooked in your own oven (need to figure out which brand you like best)
Spinoni's - stolen IV's recipes and windows too. To bad, Murphy's well managed would have done better.
Little Caeser's


dave said...

I hear good things about DiMaggios, located in that strip of shops on Grand Ave., across from Lewis Park apts.

Shawn, the Beer Philosopher said...

I agree with your rankings for the most part, although I'd personally give the slight edge to Pag's over Quatro's (no offense Steve!).

What about Casey's ...? Don't they still do pizzas? And Fazoli's?

Man, I never thought about the fact that Carbondale is truly inundated with pizza places ... fascinating. I think.

Gerald McBoing Boing said...

Be interesting to see if they make it this time. There used to be a Little Caesar's in the Kroger West plaza 15 years ago. Always wondered how cheap pizza could fail in a college town. I think part of the problem was they didn't deliver which is almost obligatory for any pizza place.

Peter in Carbondale said...

Dave you have to go there before you can tell us it is good. ;)

I think the Quatro's vs. Pag's is a classic Carbondale debate. I liked Pag's better in college, but I had a raft of friends who worked there then. For 20 years when I lived on the West Coast Pag's wasn't open over the X-mas season, so always had Quatro's. Now I find Pag's hard on the stomach, but I'm getting up there in age.

I would need to look at Shawn's blog to see which one has a better beer selection.

Gerald McBoing Boing said...

There's also a little pizza place on the street behind the Grand Ave. Mall that a friend tells me has a really great saurkraut pizza.

Anonymous said...

5 comments on pizza 2 on education Hmmmmm maybe that's the problem.
Me again