Friday, December 07, 2007

Wendler is a loser and why is the SI publishing this crap?

I don't know if you caught Uncle Walt's latest POS column in the Southern? He is claiming that faculty are the most important thing at the university. OK, I agree, the people are more important than buildings. The problem I have with what he wrote, is that he was head of SIUC for 6 years and when he had power, he never, never, never followed the idea, that the faculty were important. Wendler's master plan was to put all free money into buildings. He would still have his old job, if he had acted like people were more important than buildings.

I guess we can call Wendler a "Born again Manager?" To bad he didn't believe this, before he was kicked to the curb for incompetence. What a loser.

We knew the Southern Illinoisan people weren't too smart, and I guess allowing self serving crap like this into the paper proves it?

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Paladin said...

Competition for the Illusion is coming soon enough. I'd be afraid if I were them. As for the good architect, I think he knows what his legacy is. Now if he came out and said "I didn't do enough" we would be having a completely different conversation.