Monday, February 11, 2008

6 or the mobbed 30 from SIU? Wow!

I was sent this and thought it was worthy of your attention. Enjoy - Peterg

Thirty academic mobbing cases since 2005
Below, in alphabetical order, are 30 academics whose troubles, as reported in the press or on the web, appear to fit the definition of workplace mobbing. Reviewing these cases is useful for understanding the variety of origins of the phenomenon and the different ways cases play out.

1. Jury refuses to convict Sami Al-Arian (University of South Florida); he is eliminated anyway
2. Jonathan Bean on guard, surviving at Southern Illinois (Carbondale)
3. Jerry Becker and Elisabeth Reichert in board presentation at SIUC
4. Stephen Berman is ousted from University of Saskatchewan
5. At Sheffield, Aubrey Blumsohn is forced out, starts blog
6. Student Seung-Hui Cho goes postal at Virginia Tech, 33 dead
7. Firestorm over Ward Churchil at University of Colorado
8. Suicide of David Clarke at Southern Illinois (Carbondale)
9. At last, Jean Cobbs vindicated at Virginia State
10. Dramatist George Cron is ousted from Missouri State
11. Shiraz Dossa goes to conference, is mobbed, keeps job (St. Francis Xavier University)
12. Christopher Dussold's resistance at Southern Illinois (Edwardsville)
13. Mohammed Elmasry retires at Waterloo - mobbing aborted
14. Jews mob a Jew: Norman Finkelstein gone from DePaul
15. Redress for Joan Friedenberg at Southern Illinois (Carbondale)
16. Ouster of Frank Glamser and Gary Stringer at Southern Mississippi
17. Biswanath Halder cybermobbed at Case Western Reserve, goes postal
18. Hector Hammerly (Simon Fraser University) is dead
19. Filmmakers John Hookham and Gary MacLennan suspended from QUT for newspaper article
20. Harassment of Gabrielle Horne continues at Dalhousie
21. K C Johnson alive and kicking at Brooklyn College
22. Biology professor Robert J. Klebe files suit (UTHSC San Antonio)
23. David Mullen suspended for words at Cape Breton University
24. Physician Nancy Olivieri still battling in court (University of Toronto)
25. Lethbridge administrators attack Tom Robinson for his website
26. John Soloski fighting back at University of Georgia
27. Successful mobbing of Harvard President Lawrence Summers
28. Medaille College settles with Therese Warden & Uhuru Watson
29. James D. Watson broken for breaking a taboo (Cold Spring Harbor Lab)
30. Supreme Court victory for Wanda Young (Memorial of Newfoundland)

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At 12:09 PM , Anonymous said...
I believe that my mobbing comes from a local coalition at the university. I believe that their actions have been supported by senior management at the university. They have wrecked my academic career. I remain... stressed...ill ... fighting ... and in post. Aphra Behn

At 4:17 PM , Roger said...
Wow-- 6 out of 30 at Southern Illinois; quite a place; seems they never learn.


Anonymous said...

Other earlier SIU-C "mobbings" included Bucky Fuller, the Sloan House debacles, the dropping of the National championship winning Mens and Womens gymnastics programs, the nationally ranked mens swimming and wrestling programs, and so forth. With few exceptions, SIU-C has a aversion of excellence and beats it down every time it manages to raise it's head.

Anonymous said...

Check out the latest breaking catastrophe at SIU-C. Seems the new Chancellor is likely to have a short tenure for some as yet unspecified reason. He has been placed on administrative leave while his situation is "under review".

Anonymous said...

Mobbing at SIU is not limited to acaademia. I experience it every day at a certain performing arts venue.