Friday, November 23, 2007

End of the road for Poshard? Not if he can help it!

I was in town last week and enjoyed the press coverage on Poshard - post plagiarism scandal. The question you should be asking, is he done as a mover and shaker at SIU?

The continued excellence we are seeing from Poshard is the addition, by subtraction, at SIUC. Wendler, Lenzi and Mass Comm Dean's exits were excellent examples of leadership. Recently we have found out the Dean of Engineering (world cruse in the middle of the school year? Wink) and Ed Burger (from the Alumni Assoc.) are history too. Fantastic, two more losers gone. If he keeps going, the losers in the SIUC administration could be under 90% of the total, in the next 10 years.

Poshard's biggest challenge is to get Edwardsville to stay in the system and who can blame them? SIUE isn't nearly as screwed up as SIUC. If I was at SIUE, I would be trying to distance myself from the SIU system too.

In short, it looks like Poshard is still driving his programs. Things are getting better at SIU. The plagiarism scandal may do him in yet, but it looks like it has passed for now. Noting better than having your board in your pocket, when the crap hits the fan.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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