Saturday, September 28, 2013

Why Buy a New Car?

Was talking to a friend about buying a new car.  He told me that new cars were mechanically the same as the 10 year old cars, but his new luxury car is an entertainment system.  It has maps, fancy stereo options, automatically puts cell calls on the speaker.  His advice, if you want that, buy a new car.

I have been running around in the last generation of cars for many years, no backing camera, no Bluetooth, no screens.  But, I hardly drive anywhere.  I can connect an iPod to the stereo, and have a CD player.  My car has some dings in the paint too, but only 90k miles.

Would you trade in, if you were in my shoes?


iaping said...

No, but then living in Carbondale, I didn't need to drive much and kept my last car for over twenty years.

Sarah Ellis said...

Do what feels right for you!