Monday, September 16, 2013

Rita Cheng Gets a Tip of the Hat

I haven't been impressed by SIU's management since I became an adult.  Universities have been getting their funding cut for years, it isn't an easy environment.  But, that doesn't excuse that SIU's administration has been so darn stupid and wasteful, for so many years.

I wasn't living in town when Rita Cheng got hired, I hear she is smart and capable.  I also hear, she is pushing for improvement as hard as Poshard will let her.  Good for her.  If that is true, I'm looking forward to Poshard's departure.

This year, I read the transcript on the State of SIUC address.  It is good.  Finally, someone has looked at the how SIU does business, and started trying to fix it.  Imagine, recruiting better students?  Giving better students money to come to school here, and spreading that money over 4 years?  After all, if you can't afford the second year, who cares if you come for the first.  Maybe more important, she is capable of giving a speech that explains what SIU is doing and why.  Trust me, gets very old.

Last time SIU had a capable leader, that seemed to be talking about doing all of these common sense things, they fired her.  Maybe things weren't bad enough yet, but now they are.  Go Rita go.

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Anonymous said...

I have met Rita several times. She is a real dynamo. It will be interesting to see what changes the new president brings!