Friday, August 23, 2013

SIU Entry Signs

I really don't know if adding these fancy brick signs, at all then major entrances of SIUC was a good idea or not.  They cost $100k or $250k each?  I'm not sure about the ROI for it.  It is marketing, and it is often hard to figure out if the money you spent is worth it.  But, I do have something to say about the way the sign was implemented... Who was the genius who put the stupid Wendler era logo at each end of the sign?  We all know that logo is the first thing changed on University campuses these days, for most any reason.  Why would anyone think that this logo wasn't going to be changed in the near future?

What do you think, were these signs worthwhile?  Should they have added the logo?


Anonymous said...

You'll enjoy this article:

Anonymous said...

The entry monuments are a great improvement, as are the other additions around campus. All are designed to enhance SIU's curb appeal which gets better every year. It's too bad that the City and business owners can't follow their lead and reinvest in the community. God forbid that any of the businesses on the strip change their decor. Carbondale's demise and pathetic appearance are an embarrasment to alumni. It's ridiculous that the business community blames SIU solely for enrollment problems. They are equally responsible. At least SIU has the courage to change...the locals sure don't.

PeterG said...

I think our second commenter wants to say they believe that architectural improvements are working, because in truth, no one has any idea. I suspect that the Freshman class surge, is more about SIU getting in to the guidance offices in High Schools in Illinois, and less to do with Morris Library or entry brick work. I have more to say on Architecture of SIU, stay tuned.

I have written about The Strip before in this space, and let me touch on it again. The world has changed since I was a student, almost every student has a car now. What we see in Carbondale is incredible investment in retail on the East side (AKA Mall) area. They have parking. The Strip has no parking, and will have no parking ever. Where exactly are the business owners going to get the money, to do this massive remodel you want? They have no parking. Exceptions, Quatro's and Pag's, who both have... wait for it... parking.

Outlaw cars for Freshman and most Sophomores at SIU, as it was when I was a student, and The Strip will be fixed up pronto.

Thank you for playing, you have more to say about this?