Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sheila's plans - I'm going to analyze them.

I have found that Sheila Simon has published a plan or really a platform for her campaign for mayor. It is quite a document and I'm going to start stepping through it. It is pretty short and simple, so reading it is easy. The hard thing is figuring out what she is really saying or implying in there.

You might read it yourself so you can tell me I'm wrong more effectively.


Anonymous said...

Her plan is far more specific than Marry-the-Mayor Brad's.

Peter in Carbondale said...

There isn't really anything specific in either plan is there? It is mostly a platform, but there is some fun to be had by reading it closely.

Anonymous said...

Nothing specific?

To quote,

# I will not accept campaign donations over $50.
# I will not accept campaign donations from city employees.
# I have made public my most recent tax return and a report on my income and
# assets. I will make these disclosures annually as mayor.

# Build code enforcement into an effective, efficient system, one that
# responds to needs of the entire community. Pay for the system, in part,
# through a small inspection fee.

# Expand the scope of the housing construction incentive program to promote # conversion of obsolete rental units to owner occupied housing.

# Enforce codes that prohibit massive dumping of trash on city right of
# ways when tenants move out.

# Broadcast public meetings, including liquor control commission meetings
# on the city's public access television channel.

# Budget for a full time city employee who has the sole mission of business # development and advocacy.

# Conduct an energy audit of city facilities. Ensure we are taking
# advantage of simple steps like using florescent bulbs and adequate
# insulation.

That's a huge step forward from claiming credit for Dick's Sporting Goods (which is a negotiation between two private entities).

Peter in Carbondale said...

Hey, you sent that in less then 5 minutes after my response. You had it prepared already? Cool, nothing better then Sheila's representative to make fun of.

Why would Sheila or Sheila's people be so rabidly defensive? Could it be there is a flaw in there somewhere?

I can't imagine running for office claiming this is what makes you different can you?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that nothing has been mentioned in anyone's platform about the poor quality of the school district, and how things should be changed.

Peter in Carbondale said...

Since the school district is a different legal body then the city, I'm not sure how the mayor can do anything much about it.

Anonymous said...

Cole has done some good things for C'dale development. I was luke warm on S.S. but I liked this:

# Expand the scope of the housing construction incentive program to promote # conversion of obsolete rental units to owner occupied housing.

This is a big problem on my street. I would also like to us some pro tenat planks in her platform. I rented before I bought mt house. Many landlords rip-off tenats by not refunding their deposites in full.

I will have to read the rest of her platform. There was a provision about giving micro loans to young people that sounds a bit flakey to me.

Not Simon said...

She is a lightweight. Expect lightweight plans.

There is something wrong with this picture when a person of her education and abilities aspires no hire than to be the mayor of Carbondale Illinois.

Peter in Carbondale said...

I hardly think you can call her a lightweight. Look at Butler in Marion, there is nothing wrong with wanting nothing more then to be mayor of a city. I think the question is who would do the best for the city and its citizens. This is just about expected results for me, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

#1. Butler was once a lawer, until his disbarment.

#2. Marion probably could benefit from someone who has bigger aspirations than to die in office.

Carbondale has had a young mayor for the past three years and the city is better for it... Does anyone remember what Main and Walnut streets looked like just a few years ago? I do. There were motels for crackheads and crap everywhere. Now there are new stores, a market and a $2 million bank.

#3. What has Sheila done with her four years on the council? Push for more bike paths? And? And? And, I guess that's it. Oh pleze! Not one thing has she introduced.

Keep Carbondale COLE POWERED!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure any of the candidates have Carbondale best interests at heart. I think resumes are being built, personal agendas are be promoted, careers advanced and bigger issues that can certainly be applied to Carbondale but are more global than local are the interests.
Expected results from any of the candidates?????

Anonymous said...

How can she be a lightweight if she has enough education and ability to be more than mayor of Carbondale? Ever follow a thought to a logical conclusion? Geesh.

The fact that she likes small town life would prevent her from being mayor of said small town?

Anonymous said...

Simon doesn't have Carbondale's best interests at heart? She could've run for state legislature any time she wanted to, but didn't do that. Instead she decided to serve on City Council (where she has done more than push for bike paths...are you even paying attention?) Pepper Holder has been in Carbondale for a long time, so I'm not sure how you can question his interest in the community. Marry-the-Mayor Brad spent an enormous amount of money traveling the country looking for other work last year. (He even had a letter published in American Airlines magazine for goodness sake.) Jessica Davis...who knows what her motivation is.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last "anonymous" comment. The only thing Cole has done was tear down a few old buildings, leaving the area bare with no business, and a big sign that says "Haven't you Heard?" The bank is a nice addition to the city, and I will give the mayor due credit. There are still a lot of problems...he's spent A LOT of City money for what some may consider quesionable things....The race will eventually end up with Cole and Simon going head to head. As the last person said, as far as Jessica Davis goes, she doesn't have a clue about Carbondale, is not from Carbondale, and yet wants to be the mayor?! Come on!!! Pepper....well, he's just Pepper. That's all I'll say about that.

Anonymous said...

What has Simon done is a good question. Her website has many future plans. Some of her acheivements are scattered around on her website. But, she should have a page listsing her acheiments as a City Council Member.

Nate said...

Sheila's ideas about neighborhood safety seem a bit naive.
Crime in the city is a problem - a major reason for residents moving outside the city and, in my opinion, an underrated factor in the University's enrollment decline. Perhaps the issue of crime control falls outside the duties of the mayor's office. I just have my doubts about neighborhood watch really attacking the core causes of crime in the city. I get a lot of utopian vibes from Sheila’s platform. Carbondale needs a realist. I don’t know if Brad Cole is that person either.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the first way to start cleaning up crime is to clean up the slums. That means getting serious about code enforcement. One of the candidates has proven he doesn't care one whit about that issue, largely because he's in the pocket of the largest landlords in town.

Anonymous said...

Okay folks, let's get serious about why apartments are so crappy.... Yeah, yeah Henry Fisher is a slumlord. I used to rent from him for three years when I was a student. But the apartment itself was fine. IT WAS THE TENANTS, including myself, who had absolutly no respect for the place and saw nothing wrong with huge parties, that ended up with huge damages to the apartments.
Yeah, it's stupid. But a lot of 19 to 22 year olds are stupid.

Cole atleast tried to clean-up Carbondale with his summer clean-up program, which employed area kids and taught them to respect their community. BTW, Simon voted against this. Yes, her reason to be opposed to the program was because she taught Landlords shouldn't be helped in cleaning up "their mess" --- well, come on. What are we going to do? Sit on our hands for the next four years, Sheila? Things aren't always cut and dry. She can't seem to understand compromise.

Anonymous said...

Cole tried to clean up Carbondale? Please. He found non-renewable money for a one-time clean up program that benefited Fisher more than any other landlord. And instead of hiring "youth," most of the employees of the program were actually over the age of 18. At best it was a symbolic gesture that had no real impact. The week the students (and their parents, more importantly) came into town, the city was littered with garbage from the landlords cleaning out the apartments previously and not properly disposing of it.

But that misses the point. If we clean up for them, the landlords will *never* take care of the properties. We'll be spending that money...again...every year. Clean-ups are nice, but they're meaningless without code enforcement and serious efforts to make landlords take care of their properties. They're also meaningless when the revenue stream supporting them is a one-shot deal. Simon voted against the clean up program for precisely these reasons; not because she's opposed to cleaning up Carbondale. Its just that she's got a more serious plan for doing it.

I, personally, am not keen on my taxes going to clean up after a guy like Henry Fisher (a major contributor to Cole) just because the city refuses to make him enforce the law.

Anonymous said...

To Annon 5:52pm:
"Its just that she's got a more serious plan for doing it."

Just to be clear, the city of Carbondale does not levy a property tax... and you can thank Brad Cole for that.

And while we're at it, I don't like how Sheila's major donors -- the fine, upstanding Democrats in Springfield -- spend OUR tax money! Seen you energy bill this month?

Oh, but don't worry, Sheila has a serious plan for that: Solar panels on city hall, or the Hayes Center, or whatever it is this week.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the idea of State and Federal elected officials mucking around in our local mayoral election. In 1972 the City Gov. decided to make the elections NON-PARTISAN. This was done to avoid outside influence on our elections.
Carbondale already votes Democrat 2 two 1. (me too) So what do the Dems have to gain here? If a Republican candidate brought in heavy hitters I would be even more upset. It is not ethical no matter who does it.
Perhaps Senator Durbin should do the job he was elected to do. Work for the people of Illinois and stay out of our election.