Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Moe's is pretty marginal - new restaurant review.

As a real Mexican food fan, I was excited about the possibility of a good chain coming to town. After eating a Moe's a few times, I think we can call them an OK restaurant, but nothing special.

The first thing I have noticed is that beef is much worst then chicken. Everything at Moe's is better with Chicken. Everything is on a flour tortilla and they are like wonder bread. Since all they do with the tortilla is steam them, they just don't taste very good.

The mild salsa is pretty good, but the medium and hot are just bad. All the hotter spices are just pepper, there is no real complexity to them. The hot sauce at Taco Bell is better.

As long as we are talking about spices, Moe's puts no spice in their food, none! You can add salsa yourself after the food is made, but that salsa really isn't very good.

Bottom line, Moe's isn't bad. If you compare it to Mexican chains that are direct competitors, it is at the bottom of the pack. Best chain I have been to is Cafe Rio in Utah. Baja Fresh has many outlets and is way better then Moe's. It is better then Taco Bell. Still a welcome addition to Carbondale, but I don't think they are better then Don Taco.


Anonymous said...

Agree wholeheartedly. Nothing special about the food and would rather eat at a sit down Mexican food restaurant. Plus, the novelty of "Welcome to Moe's" wore off quickly.

Anonymous said...

Hey, please come back, Peter. We'll change things all around for you and your discerning palate!

Manny said...

"isn't bad" ???

This sounds positively horrible!