Friday, June 01, 2012

An Incubator That Might Work in Southern Illinois

I have been trying to figure out business development in Southern Illinois for many years.  I have already written about how I don't think that traditional Venture Capital and/or Angel Investing is going to work.  After all, there is plenty of money, but nothing to invest in.  There is Dunn-Richmond, if you need white collar office or lab space, general start-up or business advice.  My attention has shifted to manufacturing and away from technology.

While reading the current issue of Business Week, I came across their article about TechShop.  Now, that is an idea that might work.  A work space, with all the equipment, training, help and free coffee and popcorn!

Seems worthy of some deep thought.  What do you think, can it work?  Would you start building something, if these kinds of resources were available?

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