Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Aniston Axiom

I was reading along through this month's Wired magazine and came across this little story, inside of an article. The article quotes this -

“Let’s say you’re a unionized worker on the line,” Lefsetz says. “You’re working some overtime, you’re making some pay. You have a house, and you have a boat, and you’re sitting there having sexual fantasies about somebody on Friends. You say, ‘If I moved to Hollywood, I could fuck Jennifer Aniston.’ And you truly believe it. To get from there to actually fucking Jennifer Aniston is not impossible, but it’s an unbelievably long journey.”
I have written here about luck vs. skill many times. I can see many kids put their heads down and work really hard master "Mario Racetrack" video game, or the like. I have seen many people work hard enough to master many things, most of them fun and not productive.

Sometimes, I wonder if people understand what a long journey life is and also, what the alternative is to not walking that road? Not going on the journey and aways wondering what they missed. It is easier to move home again, after you tried, then you think. You can even move home twice, if you want to.

I'm about to over reach my boundaries again. Let the journey down one of my long roads begin.

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