Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The casual corruption of SIU

I give money to a number of universities and each sends me marketing collateral. A recent trend is to hire a company that makes magazines about research and sends it out. I have received one of these lately from SIU, Stanford, OSU and UW (Oregon and Washington). Interestingly enough, only one has a special piece of cardboard proclaiming that the marketing piece is "Compliments of" someone.

I started to wonder, why does John Koropchak need to claim responsibility for SIU's marketing spam? Is he running for office? Does this benefit SIU in some way? Did he pay for this "thing" out of his own pocket? We know the answer to each of these questions is no.

Are things so bad at SIU that no one points out how it looks when senior management, uses the public's money, to push some hidden PR/Ego agenda?

You have to wonder, who is minding the store, even when you know the answer is no one. I keep hoping for better, but keep getting disappointed.

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PeterG said...

I can think of no one that I hate, but there are many that I think are incompetent. If you point out the incompetent (or unethical in this case), it doesn't mean you hate them. Just that they are incompetent.

I'll write something up about why Koropchak is incompetent soon. It is straight forward enough so even a state drone can understand it.